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City of Trinidad highlighted as one of Latin America’s most beautiful


The streets of Trinidad are kept with their original stones. (Photo: Rosaima Santos).

The Pin and Travel Magazine has ranked Trinidad as one of the seven most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America. Continue reading

No need for watches in Topes de Collantes

the village of the holy spirit, reloj de sol, sundial, trinidad, sancti spiritus

Topes de Collantes’s sundial is the only one in central Cuba. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa)

If you ever decide to visit Topes de Collantes, that wonderful site located in the Escambray Mountains range in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, you will not need to worry about bringing a watch with you. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus designates first urban tourist route

escambray today, tourism, touris route, tourist circuit, village of the holy spirit, heritage

Proposal of first tourist route to be implemented in Sancti Spiritus in order to foster tourism.

During the last two years, the interest of foreign tourists in Sancti Spiritus – or The Village of the Holy Spirit, as it is also known – has undergone a gradual but steady rise. Continue reading

Comfortable accommodation at Sancti Spiritus’s Hostel del Rijo

Hostel del Rijo

The building used to be the residence of Don Rudesindo García Rijo, a renowned doctor after whom this tourist resort was named. (Photo: Rosaima Santos).

Encanto del Rijo Hostel, best known as Hostal del Rijo, is the perfect place for visitors to enjoy a nice stay while in Sancti Spiritus. Continue reading