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Places of confluence in downtown Sancti Spiritus (+photos)


View of the Serafín Sánchez Park at sunset. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

In Sancti Spiritus there are several confluence sites, places that are distinguished by the almost permanent presence of people who come together to rest, talk and enjoy the surroundings Continue reading

Hotel Perla de Cuba was favorite for the many

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The original entrance of the hotel was from what is today Luz y Caballero Street. (Photo: Escambray)

In front of the Serafín Sánchez Park, there is this building that for more than eighty years hosted the Perla de Cuba hotel, the only facility of the historic center originally constructed for such use. Continue reading

Who’s that at the entrance of Sancti Spiritus boulevard?


Serapio was a very modest man, who walked up and down the streets almost unnoticed for a very long time. (Photo: Vicente Brito)

The boulevard of Sancti Spiritus is one of the attractions of this central Cuban city, one of the first seven villages founded by Spanish colonizers in the island. Continue reading

Serafin Sanchez Park always the center of the Holy Spirit Village

Serafín Sánchez Park of Sancti Spiritus

The park still has much of the prominent role reached back in the XVII century. (Photo: Escambray).

Serafin Sanchez Park has always been the center of the city of Sancti Spiritus. Despite there are several other parks in town, people prefer to come here to have a rest, to share conversation with someone else, or just to have a look around. Continue reading