No need for watches in Topes de Collantes

the village of the holy spirit, reloj de sol, sundial, trinidad, sancti spiritus

Topes de Collantes’s sundial is the only one in central Cuba. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa)

If you ever decide to visit Topes de Collantes, that wonderful site located in the Escambray Mountains range in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, you will not need to worry about bringing a watch with you.

It is because in this place there is a very particular sundial, the only one of its kind in central Cuba, which works with admirable precision.

According to some investigations carried out by experts, the clock was built on the initiative of a Bulgarian architect who visited the region in 1988. Its design depicts the phases of the moon, the days of the week, and some species of local flora and fauna, while most of the rocks that surround the structure were collected on the banks of local rivers.

Topes de Collantes, located about 800 meters above sea level, is characterized by an exuberant nature and a very particular microclimate.

Visitor can enjoy exploring caves, or bathing in rivers, falls, or natural pools with crystal clear water. And there is also the presence of Mariposa flowers, which announce their presence with a soft unique flagrance from June to early September


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