Commander in Chief Fidel Castro pays last visit to Sancti Spiritus

village of the holy spirit, sancti spiritus, fidel castro, cuban revolution, ruben martrinez villena library

Residents of Sancti Spiritus will gather this Thursday in front of this library to bid farewell to Fidel Castro. (Photo: A. del Valle)

From the balconies of this library , the Ruben Martinez Villena Provincial Library, Fidel Castro first addressed the residents of Sancti Spiritus on January 6th, 1959.

This was one of the several cities where he made a stop on his way to Havana after the triumph of the Revolution. He looked splendid, strong, energetic, powerful, determined. He was decided to make the island move forward, and without any doubt, he did his job beyond expectations.

Tomorrow, December 1st, fifty-seven years later, he will come here again to pay his last visit to this city.

Unlike 57 years ago, when many local residents gathered in front of the library to listen to his unique speech, it will be us who will have to talk now because, unfortunately, he’s unable to do it anymore. Nobody can talk from inside a little wooden urn, because ashes don’t speak.

Despite the sad reality, we will welcome him again with open arms and lots of flags. We will show him that we can move on because he taught us how. It was what he did his whole life. We have to behave in such a way that he goes confident that his work will be continued.

That’s why, in spite of our tears, we will salute him; we will wave our hands in the last good bye; we will tell him that he will forever remain among us, and finally we will shout: Hasta siempre Comandante!


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