Sancti Spiritus designates first urban tourist route

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Proposal of first tourist route to be implemented in Sancti Spiritus in order to foster tourism.

During the last two years, the interest of foreign tourists in Sancti Spiritus – or The Village of the Holy Spirit, as it is also known – has undergone a gradual but steady rise.

Sometime ago, tourists were only seen in the city during the high season months, when the climate is supposed to be cooler. However, for some time now, they are often seen walking up and down the streets at any time of the year, the sweltering months of July and August included.

This evident tourist boom, which makes those coming from other countries stay in the Village for longer (including nights), has demonstrated the need to expand the tourist objectives of the territory. Thus, the corresponding entities and bodies are already working on a set of strategies that will better guide the future development of the tourist sector.

One of the first actions to be accomplished in this respect will be the implementation of a tourist route that covers the sites located in the very heart of the historic area of the city. The area will be divided into circuits and organized in such a way that visitors will be provided enough information about the symbolic values linked to local culture, tradition and heritage.

Several other proposals for new routes and circuits are currently under study, some of which encompass territories beyond the old area of the village or include regions outside the urban environment.

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