The dove, identity symbol of Sancti Spiritus

the village of the holy spirit, sancti spiritus, dove, symbol

The silver dove is kept at the Provincial History Museum of Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: A. del Valle)

The Village of the Holy Spirit (Sancti Spiritus), located in the center of the beautiful Cuban island, has several identifying symbols, since there are several sites that come to our minds when we are asked about it.

For the vast majority of those born in this region, the bridge over the Yayabo River, the church and the theater are the three places that identify us most. However, there is an image closely linked to the founding of the city which deserves to be considered as a symbol.

It was Diego Velázquez who gave the name to the village upon its foundation. Thus, the dove which represents the Holy Spirit, was considered as the official symbol of the city.

Juan Bautista Cañizárez, who served as mayor of this city, ordered the making of a silver dove in Havana. It’s said it was brought from the port of Remedios on horseback, and finally installed in the local Town Hall on June 10, 1785 .


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