Sancti Spiritus, city in red and black


Sancti Spiritus granted venue of the 26th of July for second time (Photo: Vicente Brito)

Sancti Spiritus or the Village of the Holy Spirit, as it is also known, dresses up again in red and black to show that it is the best province of Cuba, thus becoming the venue of the 26th of July commemoration.

The first time the city wore those colors was in 1986 although, to be fair, there could had been a second time in the 90’s. I remember very well those days when everything suggested that Sancti Spiritus would be a winner once again. However, the venue was granted to the eastern sister province of Holguín.

After 30 years, the residents of this ancient city joyfully received the honourable recognition that has literally revolutionized the territory, just a few days after the celebration of its 502 foundation anniversary.

So once again the people of the fourth village founded in Cuba is preparing to celebrate a new anniversary of the so-called day of the national rebellion, next July 26th..


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