Ancient city of Sancti Spiritus rejuvenates

The area next to the Yayabo Bridge and the Principal Theater are being refurbished (Photo: A. del Valle)

The Village of the Holy Spirit (Sancti Spiritus) refuses to get older. Despite its 502 years of age, the city fights hard to look pretty, and this happens over and over again every time a new founding anniversary approaches.

It’s often said that Sancti Spiritus is like an old lady with rouge. Of course, such a joke has to do with the many actions that are undertaken every year to beautify the city, and to make it look “younger”.

When we talk about this annual commitment, we mostly refer to maintenance actions that return freshness to the streets and facades in which painting functions as the rouge on the cheeks of the old lady.

This year the restoration focused on one of the most important areas of the city’s historic center, around then Principal Theater and the House of the Guayabera, while much of the Jesus Maria district area was also refurbished.


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