Espirituanos and also Yayaberos (+photo gallery)

Inhabitants of Sancti Spiritus are also named after the river of the town. (Photo: A. del Valle)

That’s correct. “Espirituanos” is the name given to the inhabitants of Sancti Spiritus or the Village of the Holy Spirit, which is the same thing.

“Espirituanos” has no translation into English, and although it’s a large word, it’s not very difficult to be pronounced by those who speak this language.

But we, the people living in this ancient Cuban territory, are also known as “Yayaberos” because we are named after the old river of the town, the Yayabo River, which is closely linked to the origins of the village.

As it often happens in cities where there are rivers, we say that if someone from outside tastes our water, he/she will stay here forever. This is a statement to be always taken into consideration by foreign visitors.

(Photos: A. del Valle)


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