House of Guayabera exhibition honors Cuban Revolution (+photo gallery)

guayaberas, yayaberas

The guayabera museum was opened in the former Quinta Santa Elena Restaurant. Photo: A. del Valle.

Sancti Spiritus Casa de la Guayabera (House of the Guayabera Shirt), which was first opened in 2012, exhibits a collection of such shirts received from Cuban and foreign personalities.

Over two hundred of such shirts are kept in the facility. The garments are shown to the public in temporary exhibitions for several weeks.

The latest display was dedicated to mark the 58th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolutions. It gathers guayaberas formerly owned by Cubans involved in the political and cultural fields of the island, as well as some donated by close friends from other countries.

(Photos: A. del Valle)

guayabera house, guayabera

Side view of the house of the guayabera.

 guayabera house, guayabera

Guayabera made out of caguairán wood

 guayabera house, guayabera

Guayaberas from Raul, Fidel, and Juan Almeida

 guayabera house, guayabera

Guayaberas from other Cuban personalities

 guayabera house, guayabera

Garments donated by outsanting Cuban women

 guayabera house, guayabera

Guayaberas from three of the Cuban Five

 guayabera house, guayabera

Red guayabera received from Hugo Chávez

 guayabera house, guayabera

Shirts from Evo Morales and Rafael Corres (Left)

 guayabera house, guayabera

Front view of the guayabera house

 guayabera house, guayabera

The house owns over 200 guayaberas

 guayabera house, guayabera

Guayaberas donated to the museum in Sancti Spiritus






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