The long-lasting usefulness of bicycles


Rafael González Morales’s Tiempo de nueva luz (Time of new light).

Bicycles can be “useful” even after they’re not useful anymore, when its useful life is over, I mean.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying I’ll tell you about some artist from Sancti Spiritus who makes his work pieces mostly out of discarded bicycle parts.

I first heard of him during the Second Salon of Young Contemporary Art Vita Brevis, organized in the Village of the Holy Spirit in 2015. He was granted one of the two prizes of the event with Tiempo de nueva luz (Time of new light), a large lamp made from bicycle parts, resistors of electric stoves, and other materials.

Rafael González Morales, the man whose name and profession will forever be linked to cycles, has said that he prefers to use recycled materials and scrap to create his pieces.

His most recent exhibition, which was displayed in the lobby of the local Principal Theater, showed a combination of materials to represent aspects and items of everyday life.

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