The House of Culture of Sancti Spiritus City

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The House of Culture is located across from Serafin Sánchez Park.

The House of Culture of Sancti Spiritus has a great deal of history, and has greatly contributed to foster artistic expressions among local residents.

This cultural institution cares for the local Amateur Artist Movement in the manifestations of music, plastic arts, literature, and theatre, as well as the creation of workshops for people of different ages.

The two-story building is said to have been constructed back in the 1830s by the same master masons who built the bridge over the Yayabo River.

It was inhabited by the Medigutía family for nearly one hundred years. From 1917 on, it was owned by different persons and submitted to several subdivisions.  In 1980, the building began to be restored throughout, and in 1987 it was reopened as Casa de la Cultura Municipal (Municipal House of Culture).

This institution is closely linked to the history of the country. Manuel Mendigutía Navarro, who served as Carlos Manuel de Céspedes’s secretary for sometime during the war, was born here in 1841.

Federico Capdevila, the public defender of the medical students who were shot in 1871, lived in the mezzanine floor of this house together with his wife, local Isabel María de los Dolores Pina Estrada, whom he married in 1873.

On the early morning of December 24th, 1958, Ernesto Che Guevara paid a short visit to Radio Tiempo radio station, located on the second floor of the building.


Author’s note: The historical data included in this post were taken from official documents.


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