A house museum for proverbs in Sancti Spiritus

Tomas Alvarez de los Rios collected proverbs from all over the world. (File photo taken from lajiribilla.co.cu)

Late renowned writer Tomás Alvarez de los Ríos once decided to write proverbs and aphorisms on the walls of his house. This way, his home became the world’s only Museum of Proverbs.

For such purpose he used clay tablets on which he wrote saying about love, friendship, animals, age, the human body, men, women, nature, jobs, wealth, wisdom, and values, among other important aspects of life.

The over five thousand phrases, coming from all cultures and latitudes of the planet, were patiently collected by Alvarez de los Rios, whose legacy is admired by lots of visitors.

La casa de Tomás (Tomas’s house), as it is best known by local residents, is located at the entrance of the village of Sancti Spiritus, in central Cuba, near Los Laureles Motel.

Tomás Alvarez de los Ríos was born in the town of Guayos. He was very famous for his novel Las Farfanes, in which he included 400 proverbs. He also wrote articles and several plays. He was granted the conditions of Illustrious Son of the City, and Human Symbol of the province.

He lived for more than 90 years, and passed away in 2008.


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