Sancti Spiritus is in need of reanimation

The quiet streets of Sancti Spiritus could be animated with live traditional music. (Photo: A. del Valle)

For years Sancti Spiritus has been regarded as a city in which you hardly find where to go after six o’clock in the evening. And when I say “where to go”, I’m referring to places at which you can listen to music or dance, two of the best preferred activities considered entertainment by people from all over the world.

During the celebrations of the 500th foundation anniversary last year, the city was returned to back times, with plenty of cultural proposals day and night. Right after the festivities were over, the village was silenced again, and very little has been so far done in this respect.

But this need of revitalization is also seen at day time. Sancti Spiritus is a growing tourist destination with potential to foster local attractions even more. According to many people —myself included— the role of local artists is essential in this regard.

The quiet streets of this village could be animated with live traditional music, and we have enough musicians to do so. In fact, this region is famous for its good music, and is the birthplace of well-known troubadours.

Let’s hope that good decisions will be made soon and these problems will be history in the near future. I know that many young artists are willing to help in any project to be carried out.


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