Book fairs, the best moment to get books

Book fair of Sancti Spiritus, April 2015

Plenty of children books available in Sancti Spiritus book year. (Photo: A. del Valle).

Despite there are other opportunities to buy books in Sancti Spiritus, the truth is that I, like many other readers, await for the moment in which the book fair is announced every year.

This book event, which is held all over the country within the first months of the year, is like a feast. I once read that it’s considered the greatest cultural event in the island, and I agree.

Unlike previous book fairs, this year’s was scheduled for April in this village, so I had to wait a little more time to see the colourful kioskos around the city’s central park, or the points of sale along the boulevard, two undeniable signs that tell that the event is about to happen.

And it happened last Wednesday. Around 9:00 in the morning, the sale areas were crowded with book-seekers, many of which were young people and children, looking for the new titles, or trying to buy materials they couldn’t get in previous fairs. The latter is what I most do.

This year I was surprised with the good news that the books were cheaper, including the good and nice ones, which gave me the opportunity to go beyond my expectations. I bought everything on the first day, so I have four more days to walk around, attend some of the lectures, and enjoy the participation of children, who are always the leading characters of the book fairs.


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