Crocheted recreation of The Little Prince

The little prince

The Little Prince, wonderful crocheted work made in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: A. del Valle).

Needlework is very common in Cuba. Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad, in the very centre of the island, stand out in this practice.

Anyone who comes to any of these two ancient Cuban villages can witness the marvellous embroiders and knitting works that are made by women, most of whom learned the job from someone in the family.

The art has passed from one generation to another, and it’s also taught at the circles that exist all over the country for this artistic handcraft not to fade away.

Among the different kinds of needlework I’ve seen in Sancti Spiritus, crocheting is one of the most outstanding. There are some women over here that reproduce whatever they are asked to, no matter how difficult the work is.

One day I went to the place of one of these ladies looking for a gift for my daughter. I wanted to order a character of a children story she was found of when she was a child. But when I saw the woman’s catalogue, I changed my mind immediately and asked for Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince. It was a wonderful recreation of the protagonist of one of most best known stories all over the world. My daughter was very pleased as well, so I didn’t choose wrong.

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