Colonial art at the one hundred doors house

Colonial Art Museum

The museum is considred one of Sancti Spiritus’s major landmarks. (Photo: A. del Valle).

The colonial art museum of Sancti Spiritus is considered one of Cuba’s most valuable patrimonial sites.

It’s also known as the House of the One Hundred Doors, which is absolutely true. It was the second two-story house built in this central Cuban city back in the XVIII century.

It used to be the dwelling of a very rich family, who owned large areas of land, livestock, sugar mills, as well as many other properties. A great deal of what was possessed by the wealthy dwellers has been perfectly preserved, and can be admired by the visitors.

The museum exhibits valuable collections of china and paintings. There is also the music room, with a piano about which there’s a very particular story. It’s said it was brought from abroad for the young lady of the house. The piano arrived by sea, in the southern village of Trinidad, nearly 80 kilometers away from Sancti Spiritus. So, it had to be moved from that village up to here. It was the slaves who did the job, by carrying it upon their shoulders. Unfortunately, the young lady didn’t like the piano, and refused to play it.

The house of the one hundred doors was changed into a museum since October 10th, 1967.



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