Francisquito, what time is it?

A child friend poses next to Francisquito on occasion of his birthday. (Photo: Yamilet Trelles)

Fracisco Polanco Guerrero, best known as Francisquito, is one of Sancti Spiritus late popular personalities immortalized with a statue at the local boulevard.

He became famous because of his astonishing accuracy to tell the time without looking at any clock at all. Wherever he went, people asked him the same question: Francisquito, what time is it?, and he always answered right away.

I remember him as an old man, carrying a bag on his shoulders, and followed by dozens of children asking him the same question. I asked him myself a few times.

He walked up and down the streets, collecting garbage which he put away in the river. He had nothing but the support of the people who gave him food, and shoes to wear.

Fortunately, he could live his last years in a home, where he found comfort and care. He passed away when he was almost 100, and his secret died with him.


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