Sancti Spiritus back to bohemian lyfestyle?

The Trova House is preferred by those fond of traditional music. (Photo: A. del Valle)

When Sancti Spiritus residents first heard of the new facilities to be opened in town on occasion of the 500th anniversary of the village, we immediately hoped for the revival of the cultural life in town.

There were times when there were plenty of choices to entertain ourselves. We used to have several cinemas, night clubs, and areas for dancing, which has always been a preferred activity of locals, and Cubans in general.

Older people like to talk about the bohemian lifestyle for which locals were best known. They say almost everyone could find a place to have fun, because there were choices for everybody.

So, we hope that the cafe next to the Principal Theater, the Tavern by the river, the Guayabera House, the Trova House, and the leisure club, among other facilities, will continue playing the role of amusing people, as much as they did during the foundation anniversary celebrations.



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