There’s a new park in town

Serafin Sanchez Park in Sancti Spiritus

The new Serafin Sanchez Park looks beautiful. (Photo: Vicente Brito)

Among the many building actions being carried out in Sancti Spiritus, the reconstruction of Serafin Sanchez Park is definitely one of the most ambitious, if not the most.

Many other areas have also undergone renovation, but what’s been going on around the village’s central park is the most remarkable, taking into consideration the opinions of locals and outsiders.

Wherever you go, you hear people talking about the park. Many of them, including myself, consider that changes are too many, but we must admit that they were for the better.

The site is quite different than it was until very recently. Only the busts of Jose Marti and Serafín Sánchez, and the palm trees were kept. The rest was replaced or renovated. Green benches substituted the chairs, the sidewalks were expanded, the old trees were removed, the roundabout was built anew, and the lawn area is larger now.

So, Sancti Spiritus will welcome its 500th anniversary with a new large beautiful park, with plenty of benches to sit, and enough corners to spend a good time. Let’s hope that people will contribute to take due care of everything around here.

(Photos: Vicente Brito)


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