Mother’s day celebration in Sancti Spiritus


This Carrara marble monument was erected in 1952 to honor motherhood, and the influence of mothers in society. (Photo: Rosaima Santos)

As in many other places of the world, mother’s day is quite a special celebration in Sancti Spiritus. No matter how broke we are, or how much trouble we are faced with, we manage to honor mothers the best way we can.

Even though the commemoration is always held here on the second Sunday of May, it’s not everyone who gets prepared for the event on time. Thus, few days away from the celebration, the department stores are full, and so are the streets where, fortunately, wonderful presents are also available.

Local artists always come up with nice works which can be translated into lots of possibilities for the customers. This way, we can certainly find that “something” to present our mothers with on that special day.

Motherhood and the influence of mothers in society have been highlighted by many in this territory since long ago. The wonderful Carrara marble monument of a woman carrying her son, which was erected back in 1952, is clear evidence of what I’ve just said.




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