Sancti Spiritus’s Casa de la Trova “Miguel Companioni”

Historic Sancti Spiritus features several well-preserved colonial buildings, among which Casa de la Trova (Trova House) “Miguel Companioni” stands out. It is said to have been constructed back in the XVIII century, thus being considered one of the oldest urban dwellings in town.

The house was owned by different people, and has served different purposes. It was first a typewriting and shorthand academy. Later on it was used as headquarters of several organizations.

Once it was decided that the building would be turned into the local Trova House, it was necessary to make a renovation. For that purpose, special construction materials were requested, so as to maintain its original colonial structure.

The new cultural institution was first opened on December 20th, 1985, within the framework of the 8th Popular Art National Fair, which were long ago celebrated in this region.

The music played at Casa de la Trova is a reflection of the best traditional values of the region. Miguel Companioni and Rafael Gomez Mayea (Teofilito)’s songs, which are well known both in Cuba and overseas, are still being included in the repertory of local and guest artists.

The Trova House is found across from Hotel del Rijo, and near the well-known Mayor Church, downtown Sancti Spiritus.


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