Neither gold treasure, nor buried nun at Serafin Sanchez Park

Ongoing excavations around Serafin Sanchez Park have turned the life of Sancti Spiritus residents upside down. The important discovery made in the area has sort of proven one of the oldest local legends, for long told from one generation to another.

As soon as the first backhoe arrived in the park, people gathered around, hoping to be the first witness of what was going to be discovered. Many of them were sure that there was an underground tunnel that connected the park with both the two churches in town. Others talked about a nun who was buried with her child, and about bars of gold left by the occupants of the church.

These rumours or legends have grounds.  As it has been already said, this area was occupied by a convent and a church long ago. So, it was quite possible that “something” would be found whenever the ground was removed, as it’s now the case.

Several ancient items have indeed been found so far. Latest discoveries are related with human remains, which definitely will lead the archaeological investigation to a deeper longer analysis. Nevertheless, experts have already affirmed that neither gold, nor buried nuns will be found. The holders of the church were expelled from the island, and took all their valuable belongings away with them. On the other hand, the convent was occupied by monks, not by nuns.

Anyway, despite the statement of the experts, locals are still longing for more. And we think that the best is still to come.


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