“Los Caballitos”, oldest amusement park in Sancti Spiritus

the village of the holy spirit, los caballitos amusement park, kids, carousel tiovivo children play yard merry-go-round

Los Caballitos is the place where kids prefer to go in Sancti Spiritus. (Photo: A. del Valle)

Los Caballitos is the Spanish equivalent for the phrase Little Horses, the name that identifies one of the most ancient amusement parks in Cuba, and for sure, the oldest in Sancti Spiritus. The small, old fashioned, and many times remodelled place, is still serving its purpose of amusing kids, since there is no other similar park in town.

Although most people here think (including me), that it’s already time to build a modern amusement park; “Los Caballitos” will remain for a very long time. It was once said that the park was to be removed to build another one somewhere else. The news was not welcomed at all, and the place remained untouched.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information about the exact year in which the park was first opened. Many over 80-year-old residents remember to have entertained themselves in that park. They also remember the many amusement apparatus that once existed, and that the carousel was present since then. The amusement park has changed a lot over the years; but the carousel’s little horses are still the same.

Thanks to the ingenuity of local inventors, the place has been provided with entertainment equipments that somehow meet the amusement needs of local children.

2 responses to ““Los Caballitos”, oldest amusement park in Sancti Spiritus

  1. Los Caballitos, what a place… I used to go to Sancti Spiritus from my birthplace Jatibonico when aI was a kid, with my grandparents, to get shots at Camilo Cienfuegos Hospital, because I always had a different infection in my throat, because I was always playing in mud puddles, as every other kid in my neighborhood, but I still can’t figure out why, I was the only sick, all the others were healthy as stallions. As I was saying, I visited Sancti Siritus Hospital a thousand times in my childhood, the only good deal was to go to “Los Caballitos” whenever the doctor finished playing with my throat and sending me for more monthly shots, the only way my grandparents would make me get into a bus to sancti Spiritus, was promising they would take me to “Los Caballitos” right after we finished visiting doctors. Then we would eat some donuts (rosquitas) in a place nearby, i don’t know if still exist. Great memories, now this couple who raised me is dead, thank you for made me remember…


    • I’m glad I helped you remember about the place you used to visit during your childhood. Almost everyone who was born over here went to have fun in “Los Caballitos”. I took my daughter there almost everyday. There is a primary school nearby, and the students love to hang out for a while after classes. About the donuts I can tell you that the place still exists, but rosquitas are not sold there anymore. That’s a pity!!!


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