Sancti Spiritus’s Paseo de Colon

The city of Sancti Spiritus owns many parks and paseos. Some of them were built long ago, like Paseo de Colon.

Because of its location, this paseo has become a reference point for people who don’t live in the neighbourhood. It occupies two blocks of the avenue running parallel to the railway line. The railway station is very near to this site, as well.

My first memories of this paseo are related with the primary school where I studied my first grade. The school was on the other side of the street.  So, our parents used to sit on the benches of the paseo to wait until classes were over. I remember the benches were very solid, and had an inscription on their upper back side.

It was not long ago when all those benches were removed, and the whole paseo restored.  It was all for the better, except for the fact that the benches are the same type of benches that have been placed in other parks of the city.


One response to “Sancti Spiritus’s Paseo de Colon

  1. Maria (Collado) Izzo

    I remember that park very well I used to go there and meet my friends for skating around the park.


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