Sancti Spiritus remodels streets with cobbles

It might sound contradictory, but the decision of returning two streets of the so-called historic area of the village to their former cobblestone condition, was a wise one.

Guairo and Padre Quintero Streets were the first to be remodelled. Studies are already on the way for similar undertakings, among which the recovering the original cobble road over the Yayabo River is a long-term aspiration. This aim depends on more complex decisions like the construction of a new road for the cars to get into the city.

The renovation of the city is part of the program started some years ago, aimed at the celebration of the 500th foundation anniversary of the village. This ambitious program also included the restoration of other important sites like Maceo Park, La Caridad Church, and the Colonial Art Museum.

The work carried out at La Caridad Church was recognized a mention granted in the tenth award ceremony of the National Preservation and Restoration Prize celebrated in April, this year.


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