Sancti Spiritus’s Plaza de Jesus, former hanging place?

Honorato Park (former Jesus Nazareno Plaza), is located in southeast Sancti Spiritus. It was named after local patriot Honorato del Castillo Cancio in 1911, but this name is only present in official documents. The place is best known as Plaza de Jesus.

Plaza de Jesus features plenty of historical attributes, like many other sites in Sancti Spiritus. But there is an additional peculiarity in this case. At the end of the XVII century, a scaffold existed somewhere in the plaza, where executions were carried out.

It’s not pleasant to imagine that people were killed somewhere around this small plaza, but historic facts can’t be denied. Fortunately, the location is best known for things that have nothing to do with killings.

Plaza de Jesus is one of the nice places towards the south of the village. Given its location, children come to play in the park very often, and neighbours use to seat around the area in the evening to enjoy the fresh air.

Unfortunately, the benches of the park were changed. It was done for the better, but I preferred to old ones.


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