Casa de la Guayabera celebrates first anniversary

Casa de la Guayabera

Casa de la Guayabera used to be the Quinta Santa Elena Restaurant. (Photo: Escambray).

Casa de la Guayabera (House of the Guayabera Shirt) was opened in Sancti Spiritus in 2012, in order to exhibit a collection of such shirts. This is the only collection of this kind in the island. It owns guayaberas donated by Cuban and foreign personalities.

The place is much more than a museum. It is a complex located at the former Quinta Santa Elena Restaurant, in the so-called historic area of the village. Cuban journalist Ciro Bianchi Ross was the promoter of the project which was first talked about in 2007.

For several years the shirts were kept in one of the local museums, but the desire to have them all together in one same place persisted. Fortunately, the dream came true under the socio-cultural project named after the traditional Cuban garment.

The whole project has turned itself into a local development program, and has greatly helped to disclose the truth that guayaberas originated in Sancti Spiritus.

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