Serafin Sanchez Park always the center of the Holy Spirit Village

Serafin Sanchez Park has always been the center of the city of Sancti Spiritus. Despite there are several other parks in town, people prefer to come here to have a rest, to share conversation with someone else, or just to have a look around.

The park still has much of the prominent role reached back in the XVII century, when it was not a park, but a plaza (San Francisco), and was the commercial nucleus of the village.

Like in the past, it is the place around which festivities are still held, or where the local music band gathers to delight the audience. It still preserves its roundabout where local “concert nights” used to take place.

There were times when this park was very famous in serving the purpose of bringing couples together. Young men and women used to go there to walk around the park on Saturday nights. It was the same every weekend for many years. Unfortunately, it’s not the case anymore.


4 responses to “Serafin Sanchez Park always the center of the Holy Spirit Village

  1. This park will arraive to its five hundreid years with a new image. We hope so!!!


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