Sancti Spiritus, the so-called city of murals in Cuba

mural works in sancti spiritus

First mural works were made here at the headquarters of the provincial government. (Photo: Escambray).

Mural works are very common in Sancti Spiritus. They can be found either in open areas, or as part of the inside decoration of certain buildings. I would dare to say that this city is provided with a particular mural art collection.

First mural works were made here at the headquarters of the provincial government. The contribution of late painter and muralist Heriberto Manero Alfert, from the nearby province of Villa Clara, is worth noting. He is said to have been the promoter of the mural movement in this territory.

Manero’s work led to the creation of other murals in different sites of the city. Many local institutions are decorated with colourful murals like the radio station, Plaza Hotel, and Nenufar café, just to mention a few of them.

Mural works have also served to hide away old ugly walls or to highlight the façade of important local centres like Jose Marti University. Some of those art works have been made with the cooperation of artists from other countries.


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