Sancti Spiritus outside its historic area

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Los Olivos is an area mostly composed of apartment buildings. (Photo: Escambray)

Most tourist attractions in Sancti Spiritus are found in the so-called historic area of the city. It groups the village’s most ancient buildings and sites. That’s why it’s almost always the only area scheduled for foreign visitors in their tours.

Nevertheless, there are many other attractive places in this central Cuban territory. The town itself is divided into districts. Touring them is like getting to know locals. Colon, Jesus Maria, Los Olivos, and Kilos 12 are just four of such districts.

Everywhere you go in Sancti Spiritus, you see the wonderful combination of past and present. The city is like an ancient story that can be told again and again without losing attraction.

Visiting the Village of the Holy Spirit is always pleasant. It’s like travelling back in a time machine.


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