Markers of Sancti Spiritus: The Martyrs’ Monument

Sancti Spiritus Martyrs' Monument

Monument erected to honor the martyrs of this central Cuban territory. (Photo: A. del Valle).

This is one of the many monuments scattered all over this city, many of which are built outside the so-called historical area. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus, only Cuban village with documented foundation site

pueblo viejo obelisk in sancti spiritus

Obelisk unveiled at the place that marks the founding site of the Village of the Holy Spirit.

The original foundation site is located six kilometers away from the present city of Sancti Spiritus Continue reading

City of Trinidad highlighted as one of Latin America’s most beautiful


The streets of Trinidad are kept with their original stones. (Photo: Rosaima Santos).

The Pin and Travel Magazine has ranked Trinidad as one of the seven most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America. Continue reading

Places of confluence in downtown Sancti Spiritus (+photos)


View of the Serafín Sánchez Park at sunset. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa).

In Sancti Spiritus there are several confluence sites, places that are distinguished by the almost permanent presence of people who come together to rest, talk and enjoy the surroundings Continue reading

The Conrado Benítez Cinema of Sancti Spiritus

the village of the holy spirit, conrado benítez cinema, renacimiento theater, sancti spiritus

The Conrado Bennítez Cinema is located across from the Serafín Sánchez Park. (Photo: gettyimages).

The building that shelters the Conrado Benitez Cinema of Sancti Spiritus was initially constructed to be a family house. Continue reading

Fan collection to congratulate the Colonial Art Museum

the village of the holy spirit, colonial art museum, fan collection, alexander hernandez chang, chinese traditions

Musa No. V remarks a millenary Chinese tradition practiced by all the countries of the world. (Photo: A. del Valle)


The Museum of Colonial Art of Sancti Spiritus is celebrating its birthday. The House of One Hundred Doors, as it is also known, will reach half a century of existence next October Continue reading

Cadillac One rocks Sancti Spiritus

the village of the holy spirit, cadillac one rock band, rock music, miguel valdivia, abbis maría jurdá

Cadillac One plays every Thursday night at Casa de la Guayabera. (Photo taken from Facebook).

The House of the Guayabera of Sancti Spiritus, one of the most recognized cultural centers of this ancient Cuban city, receives every Thursday night the musicians of the rock band Cadillac One Continue reading