Sancti Spiritus, city in red and black


Sancti Spiritus granted venue of the 26th of July for second time (Photo: Vicente Brito)

Sancti Spiritus or the Village of the Holy Spirit, as it is also known, dresses up again in red and black to show that it is the best province of Cuba, thus becoming the venue of the 26th of July commemoration. Continue reading

Ancient city of Sancti Spiritus rejuvenates

The area next to the Yayabo Bridge and the Principal Theater are being refurbished (Photo: A. del Valle)

The Village of the Holy Spirit (Sancti Spiritus) refuses to get older. Despite its 502 years of age, the city fights hard to look pretty, and this happens over and over again every time a new founding anniversary approaches. Continue reading

Espirituanos and also Yayaberos (+photo gallery)

Inhabitants of Sancti Spiritus are also named after the river of the town. (Photo: A. del Valle)

That’s correct. “Espirituanos” is the name given to the inhabitants of Sancti Spiritus or the Village of the Holy Spirit, which is the same thing. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus: The other bridge over Yayabo River (+photo gallery)

bridge, yayabo, sancti spiritus

The “balneario” bridge and surrounding areas are being improved prior to the 502 anniversary of the village. Photo: A. del Valle.


On occasion of the 500th foundation anniversary of Sancti Spiritus —also known as the Village of the Holy Spirit—, a broad rehabilitation program was agreed upon in order to restore and embellish the town. Continue reading

House of Guayabera exhibition honors Cuban Revolution (+photo gallery)

guayaberas, yayaberas

The guayabera museum was opened in the former Quinta Santa Elena Restaurant. Photo: A. del Valle.

Sancti Spiritus Casa de la Guayabera (House of the Guayabera Shirt), which was first opened in 2012, exhibits a collection of such shirts received from Cuban and foreign personalities. Continue reading

The long-lasting usefulness of bicycles


Rafael González Morales’s Tiempo de nueva luz (Time of new light).

Bicycles can be “useful” even after they’re not useful anymore, when its useful life is over, I mean. Continue reading

It’s time to wrap up warm

Unlike last winter, we’ve been forced to wear coats this January. Photo: Marlys Rodríguez

Although winter in Cuba is not very cold, there are times when, due to cold fronts coming from North America, and only for a couple of days (fortunately), temperatures can be lower than average. Continue reading